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Welsh Labour: We have received the worst settlement of all devolved administrations

November 11, 2010

Welsh Labour are going on the offensive over their funding deal from the comprehensive spending review, with Health Minister Edwina Hart leading the charge against the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in Westminster.

In a fiery statement to the Assembly, she said:

We know that the announcements in the Spending Review will have a savage impact on our own budget. We have been given a £1.8 billion real terms cut over the 4 year period; £860m of that next year.

Let me repeat that –  an £860 million pound cut in our spending power next year.

The capital budget has been cut by 41% over the 4 year period compared to a UK average of 29%. Perhaps if the Conservative and Liberal Democrat members here could claim to have more influence with their political masters, we wouldn’t be in the position of having to make 25% reductions in our capital budget next year.

Let there be no mistake – we have received the worst settlement of all the Devolved Administrations.

Fighting talk! She went on to say that health cuts would be all but inevitable, breaking Tory promises of not cutting the NHS.

Neil Pooran

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