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What to cut in Wales

November 16, 2010

Hopes for any gentle Sunday reading this weekend were dashed by a fresh reminder of the cuts to come in Wales.

Times could be tough, with the amount of money coming to Cardiff Bay from Westminster being reduced by 11 per cent.

This means the Assembly Government will have £1.8bn less to spend over the next four years. And next year’s budget will fall £860m short of the current one.

So the recent poll conducted by rmg:Clarity, a leading Wales-based marketing agency, makes for grim but interesting reading.

Asked which three areas should be most protected, 71.7 per cent said the health service, 69.6 per cent said care for disabled and older people, 43.9 per cent said child protection and 37.1 per cent schools.

What to cut?
What do people think of the cuts? We spoke to a few Cardiff residents:

Kieran Roberts wonders about the future of the economy under cuts.



Jeremy Downing sees activities in Afghanistan as a much-needed cut.



Carrie Clark-Hinge is concerned by benefit cuts.

What do readers think about the cuts? Comment, tweet (@theoryofdevo) or email to let us know your thoughts.

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