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Peter Black AM talks budget and powers

November 19, 2010


Peter Black Am

Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black (photo: Liberal Democrats)

Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black has accused the Welsh Assembly Government of having a “victim mentality” about cuts and said Welsh MPs risked becoming “glorified case workers.”

Mr Black, who is a member of the Assembly Commission and his party’s Business Manager, spoke to Theory of Devolution about the draft budget, spending priorities and the country’s constitution.

He stressed the importance of education in terms of budget priorities, but suggested the health service in Wales could be run more efficiently.

“Victim mentality”

He said the claim Wales had been treated unfairly in the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) was untrue and the governing Welsh parties had a “victim mentality”.

He also stressed the importance of investment in education, and said Wales needed a larger private sector.

Watch Mr Black talk about the budget here (apologies for the poor quality!):

“Virtually nonexistent” Assembly powers campaign

Mr Black also spoke about a lethargic “Yes” vote movement in preparation for the March 2011 referendum on Assembly powers, but dismissed concerns about the possibility of a Conservative “No” campaign.

He also supported the idea of reducing the number of Welsh MPs if the Assembly were to gain further powers, at the risk of them becoming “glorified case workers” otherwise.

Watch the interview here:

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