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Whatever happened to Andrew RT Davies?

November 30, 2010

Welsh Assembly chamber

Welsh politics has been abuzz with yesterday’s news that Tory AM Andrew RT Davies, a man touted as the party’s next leader, has resigned his position as Shadow Minister for Health and Social Services.

The question is, why has this high-flier left such a prominent post?


Mr Davies stated a wish to dedicate himself more fully to his constituency and play a “full and productive role” from the Tory backbenches (his resignation press release can be found here). But bloggers suspect other motives.

As of this moment, any ulterior motives are pure conjecture. But a few possible reasons for Mr Davies’ unexpected departure (and those speculating) are:

  • Anger that he was not given chairmanship of Health Committee (the BBC’s Betsan Powys).
  • Irritation about Jonathan Morgan’s reappearance in the Shadow Cabinet and chairmanship of said committee (Valleys Mam).
  • Tory leader Nick Bourne’s tweet on Saturday about a “Labour infiltrator” (an intern who supported the rival party) working at his office (Betsan Powys again).
  • A wish to distance himself from his party’s controversial pledge to ringfence health spending in the budget (Welsh Ramblings).

Whatever the reason, Mr Davies’ departure remains mysterious. Significantly, the Welsh Conservative party will feel the loss of a talented politican at its fore, and the biggest advocate of its health policy.


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